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One day in 2012, Steve Rogers encounters a doppelgänger of himself who says three words that change everything: "Bucky is alive." This is a story about friendship that survives war, tragedy, and the devastation of time. It eases into things with a glimpse of two friends growing up together in the 20s and 30s.. Jul 22, 2016 · Complete. First published May 31, 2016. It's nearing Bucky's birthday and Steve wants to get him something special. Something that would really stand out and make him happy. Natasha suggests going to a nearby animal shelter to see if anything there stands out. Well a little something does..

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Mar 24, 2016 · I shoved Pietro out the way the last second. I felt the pain of the bullets hitting me, it hurt so much it was pure agony. I looked to see the shocked faces or Pietro and Clint, I gave them a worm smile. “Thanks for everything you’ve both done.”. I felt myself start to fall, but I felt arms wrap around me, to stop me from hitting the .... The Avengers in fear of the Earth, the Avengers fanfic | Bucky Barnes x Reader Twilight Fanfiction possessive Vampire OC. Sure, being an empath made you an amazing Avenger, that p.

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Mar 31, 2021 · Not You Again- Chapter Nineteen (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Years after escaping from Hydra experimentation, y/n goes on a Tinder date with none other than the Winter Soldier himself. With her powers now reveled to the Avengers, y/n is going to have to spend a lot more time with the one man she truly hates. Masterlist, Chapter Eighteen, Chapter ....

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Steve Rogers has a little sister, Norma Grace Rogers, who became an Army nurse during the war. Captured in Italy, Grace is taken by HYDRA, unbeknownst to Steve and Bucky. They find her frozen in a forgotten HYDRA outpost 70 years later, her memory gone. Can they save their Grace from the darkness of.

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Jul 10, 2022 · Boss Y/N Fox (Bucky Barnes x female reader) Chapters: 18/20. Warning: NSFW, dark elements, language, alcohol, drugs, violence, blood, noncon (?), murder, smut, angst, fluff and more. This story is for readers 18+. Summary: Years ago, Mad Man Attila broke the piece between the Foxes, Wolves and Starks..

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Apr 18, 2021 · Chapter Summary: Y/n tells Bucky more about her time with Hydra, and has a panic attack because of it. AO3, if that’s your style. Chapter Eight-. “Bucky, you don’t have to torture yourself for his actions,” you said, your voice soft and reassuring. “I need to know, y/n. It’s killing me to see you scared and I don’t even know why.”..

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Feb 16, 2017 · 655 Chasing Memories » by julia12084 Ella Rogers spent her entire life chasing after her brother, always one step behind. The chase leads her from the safe streets of Brooklyn to war. She watches as her brother becomes a hero to the nation, all the while trying to hide how she feels about his best friend. Bucky/OC..

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Search: Avengers Fanfiction Natasha Broken. Both of them are broken- but with a sudden development from the brilliant mind of Tony Stark, they set out to attempt to regain what was lost- without losing each other along the way 382 views5 year ago along side Clint and Natasha aka hawkeye and black widow de, dem Portal für Fanfiction und freie Werke Avengers Fanfiction.. Bucky gently laid Peter down on the bed, taking extra care with his head, before stepping back. When he heard the doctors rushing down the hall towards their room, he instinctively moved to the corner out of the way and out of sight. Tony still stood there, clutching Peter's hand, but he glanced up at the man in the corner long enough to.

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I'm looking for any stories where Bucky and Steve or just Bucky raises Tony, for any reason. Basically, Kid Tony with parental Bucky and possibly Steve. Thanks : ) Tags: !tag requests, character: bucky, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, theme: kid!fic, theme: tony (young).

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The Avengers in fear of the Earth, the Avengers fanfic | Bucky Barnes x Reader Twilight Fanfiction possessive Vampire OC. Sure, being an empath made you an amazing Avenger, that p. Jul 19, 2015 · Happy reading! "Imagine a non-powers AU where Bucky, finally fed-up with his cheating, slimy (now ex)boyfriend's behavior decides to take it out on said ex's car, a la Carrie Underwood in 'Before He Cheats'. The bad news is the car turns out not to be his ex's. The good news is the rich guy whose car he just trashed (of course, Tony) not only ....

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Ongoing. First published May 05, 2019. A new boy comes along as Mr. Stark's personal intern and Peter is soon forgotten by the Avengers except for Bucky and Steve, Peter quits and only keeps in contact with Bucky and Steve. What happens when they want Peter back?.

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